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We’re making some changes to Pineapple ...

To ensure a better and faster onboarding experience and a more consistent and reliable money management service, we are upgrading our data aggregation and financial insights capability.

And we need some action from you! 

Pineapple Overview

We have made it as easy as possible for you to link up your bank and financial accounts again ...

So get ready for the exicting new features on their way!

You may have seen emails from Moneytree (who securely provided us with your financial data) that they closed their Australian service on January 15th 2021 😢

This means we will need you to securely switch to our new service provider, Basiq, to ensure you can continue using Pineapple 👍

Step-by-step guide

You can relink your bank and financial accounts in three simple steps.


1. Log in to Pineapple 

Here is the link if you need it

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out our super secure log in upgrade.

We're using Auth0, an industry leader in credential managment.

Basiq portal.png

2. Open the portal to Basiq

Find the option in the settings

FYI - Our data transfer processes and protocols comply with the highest industry security standards to ensure your information stays safe.


3. Sync and start saving

Search for the banks you use

Enter your details, sit back and relax. We got this from here.

And remember, with Pineapple your data always belongs to you. 

Need help?

We're here. Ask us anything!

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