If you haven’t already, check out our No Surprises Policy for our views on your personal information and a summary of what we do and don’t do with it. 

Privacy and data is an important issue and we want you to be aware of and understand how your information is stored and used. When it comes to the specifics, you can find all the juicy details below.  


When it comes to data, we only collect and use what we need to provide you with the services that will help you with your income, bills, spending and savings.This includes financial information that we aggregate, analyse, interpret and project. The time consuming data crunching stuff we love to do to help make sense of your money. What we don’t get is your personal information like your address or date of birth, you know, the sensitive stuff that we don’t need to know about that personally identifies you.

We get:

  • Only what we need to provide you digital services to help with your income, bills, spending and savings. This includes financial information that we aggregate, analyse, interpret and project as explained below.

  • Accounts info (such as names and balances) and transactions (but only things like merchants and amounts).

  • Additional merchant info including names (legal and trading), location, contact details, images (icons / logos) and categories.

We do:

  • Use your financial information to aggregate, analyse, interpret and project. The hard time consuming data crunching stuff that we love. 

  • Our very best to make the service available and accurate at all times. However, our service relies on factors outside of our control, like the banks providing us the most up to date information. This means we can’t guarantee it will always be smooth sailing. Please contact us and let us know if something is not working or you are having any difficulties at

We don't get:

We don't do: 

  • Moving money around. This means you can’t make payments or transfers of any kind using Pineapple. Your money stays safe in the banks.

  • Storing of Moneytree or bank user names / passwords. They sit in the Moneytree Vault. It’s super safe and secure.  

  • Selling or sharing any of your personal information or allow third parties access to your data without your specific consent. 

How Pineapple accounts work 

To help make it clearer, let’s kick off with a simple explanation.


Linking with Moneytree

  • When you create an account with Pineapple, we will ask you to set up (or sign into if you already have one) a Moneytree account and link all of your financial and rewards services to it. 

  • Moneytree is a trusted and leading service provider that integrates directly with financial service providers (like banks) and links all of your bank, super, investment and rewards accounts to be able to provide transactional data to Pineapple. They adhere to strict privacy policies like we do. More information can be found here

  • When you link Moneytree to your Pineapple account (which you must do for us to be able to provide you our service), you are agreeing for your financial information that Moneytree collects to be shared with Pineapple. 

  • We do not get your Moneytree or banking login information (i.e. user names or passwords). The specific details of what we do get is listed in more detail below. 

  • Basically, Moneytree collects your financial information for us, we then analyse it to provide you with better ways to understand and manage your money. 

  • If any of your accounts are missing from Pineapple, you will need to ensure that they are linked in your Moneytree account.

  • Once set-up and unless you tell us to stop, we continue to sync with Moneytree on a daily basis to ensure we always have your latest financial transactions. 

Enhancing transactions with Look Who’s Charging

  • The financial transactions that are collected from Moneytree are the same transaction descriptions you see on your bank statements. You know the ones that you often find hard to make sense of because they don’t just say the name of your local coffee shop or the specific supermarket you use.

  • That’s where Look Who’s Charging comes in. Once Moneytree sends over transactional data, we immediately send this off to Look Who’s Charging’s to clean up those descriptions into something that makes sense so that you know exactly what they are. No more calls to the bank to please explain! 

  • With this information to hand, we are then able to much more accurately understand and categorise your transactions so that we can give you a clearer picture of your income, bills and spending.


Service reliability and interruptions


We do everything we can to ensure that our service is available and accurate for you. However, there are a variety of factors outside of our control that may mean it’s sometimes not the case. 


Your financial information is provided to us by Moneytree, which relies on linked services. These are the banks, financial institutions and rewards program providers who you have linked to your Moneytree account. Below are some examples of factors which may impact the accuracy, availability, continuity or completeness of your financial information;


  • The account information (and supporting or related data) provided by a linked service is incorrect;

  • The password to a linked service is incorrectly entered, which may cause your access to that linked service to be suspended temporarily; and

  • A linked service contains a bug, is undergoing system failure or suspension of access, which may impact our ability to access new data.


These technical difficulties may result in failure to obtain or loss of data, settings or other service interruptions.


Keeping your information up to date in Moneytree, like when you change an internet banking password, will help. 


To the extent permitted by law, Pineapple shall not be liable in respect of any technical or other difficulties which may result in failure to obtain data or loss of data, settings or other service interruptions. 


Pineapple does not assume any responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, deletion, non-delivery or failure to store any user data, communications or settings.

The specifics on the data we get

When you first set up and link your Moneytree account with Pineapple, we will usually get around 3 months of data but it can be more or less depending on the institution your account is with. If you have an existing Moneytree account already, we will get all of your history with Moneytree.  

The below tables detail the fields of data we get from Moneytree and Look Who’s Charging.


All accounts (where applicable)

Institution the account is held at

Name of the account (according to the institution)

Account branch code (or BSB)

Account number (masked)

Account nickname 

Type of account (eg bank, credit card, stored value, Points)

Subtype of the account (eg savings, term deposit)

Transaction & savings accounts

Account balance


Credit cards

Account balance

Due amount

Due Date

Term deposits

Asset name

Purchase date for the term deposit

Maturity date for the term deposit

Deposit term length

Balance value at time of date

Balance value at time of purchase date

Interest rate

Points accounts

Points balance

Expiration date

Amount of expiring points

Look Who's Charging




Contact info

Images (icon / logo)

Trading times

Legal info (ABN, Legal Name)



Bank fees



Supported Banks & Financial Service Providers



Bank Australia

Bank of Melbourne

Bank of Queensland



Bendigo Bank* 

Beyond Bank

Citi Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Credit Union SA

CUA Bank

Defence Bank

HSBC Australia*

ING Direct

Macquarie Bank

ME Bank

National Australia Bank

Newcastle Permanent

P&N Bank

Queensland Country Credit Union

St. George Bank

Suncorp Bank


Westpac Banking Corporation

* Under maintenance

Credit Cards​

28 Degrees

American Express (Australia)

Buyer's Edge

Coles MasterCard


Gem Visa

GO MasterCard

Latitude Eco MasterCard

Latitude Low Rate MasterCard

Latitude MasterCard


AMP Limited*

Australian Super

BT Super (BT Funds)

Christian Super


Energy Super*


First State Super*

HESTA Super Fund*

Hostplus Super


Q Super*



* Under maintenance

Digital Money​




Opal (Registered Card)

Consumer Data Right


Ever tried to switch banks and experienced how difficult that is because ‘they don’t know you’?


It can be time consuming and painful to start again providing them all of your information on your income, spending, assets and debts. Soon all of that will change, not just with banking but with all service providers who require this kind of information (such as telecommunications and energy providers), when the Consumer Data Right comes into play (most know this as Open Banking).


It will likely take some years to get completely set up, but in short, it will mean that you can tell Company A that you want them to have your information from Company B and they will have to provide it. It will put you in control of your data and you won’t have to go through the time consuming process to start over with Company B. Right now, there are only a few companies who have been granted the license to be able to provide these services between companies which will have strict privacy and security measures around them.


It will be some time before switching banks will be as easy as it should be under the Consumer Data Right and in the meantime trusted providers like Moneytree need to use existing ways to get access to your financial information (like securely entering banking login information through their encrypted portals). Open Banking will make this much more convenient in the future.

Learn more about Open Banking

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