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Life's sweeter with pineapple

Pineapple is a financial wellbeing wallet that makes it simple to see where your money is going, plan for what is coming up, spend fruitfully and take control of your pay.
Be positive about money and get ahead on
your sunny day savings.
Thanks for joining!
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Australia's First Financial Wellbeing Wallet is Here !

We at Pineapple believe managing your money can be made simple and easy, changing the way you spend, save, borrow and repay to get on top and get ahead. 

That is why we have created Australia’s first financial wellbeing wallet. Be better with money and save yourself a Pineapple a week. 


We get that it's financially tough right now.

  • Only half of young Aussies make it to the next pay check with money left over

  • More than 50% have less than $1,000 in savings

  • Most regularly experience stress and anxiety about money

Our aim is to get you saving a pineapple a week! 🍍

So sign up and start your sunny day savings today!

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How it works


Pineapple uses the latest financial technology to link in your bank accounts and financial products


Pineapple works best on mobile devices but can be accessed anywhere so you can manage on the go

Your data is transferred securely and is refreshed regularly so you always stay up to date 

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing starts with a positive mindset. Be well, stay well.


To help you understand where you're at, we have a financial wellbeing score. 

  • A super smart team at Melbourne University researched and developed the measure. Find out more here

Talking about money helps too.


Join in the conversation by following us on social. Or start one yourself by posting any questions you have. The Pineapple team love to help.

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A space just for the Creators

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We're inviting people to be part of the Creator program. Spaces are limited so register your interest today!

Your participation will be making Pineapple better and as a benefit, you'll get to vote on and use features early with exclusive access to beta releases 

You'll get a sweet deal. There will be no charge for being part of the program and using Pineapple. 


At Pineapple, we are committed to protecting your data and privacy. Learn more about how we do this here 

Data Sharing & Security


Most trusted providers

The services we use comply with the highest industry standards, guidelines and policies to ensure your data stays safe and secure


Secure cloud storage

All systems and processes undergo robust and regular testing to protect against cyber threats, hacks and attacks 


End to end encryption

Data access and transfer protocols conform to the highest standards ensuring bank-grade security

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Proud as punch to be an
Aussie business

The Pineapple team have a broad range of experiences working in Banking and Financial Services. 

Through this, we learned that banking & money management can be done better.


This starts by always putting the customer first, listening and responding to what people really need and want.

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